Emily/18/New England

i like fashion, art, photography, and tv. i spend a lot of my time watching netflix and daydreaming.
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it is sep 1st so basically happy halloween

it’s almost 1 in the morning yet i desperately want to rewatch an episode of buffy……… and if i watched an episode of buffy it would be almost 2 in the morning………. and i have class at 10…….. i might do it anyway


Devil’s Fingers

The picture above is of a mushroom thats thought to be a specimen of Clathrus archeri right before its fingers open up. It closely resembles a hand coming out of the ground. It even has the remnants of its tattered sleeves attached to the wrist.


Mama Mia


During a convention interview, star Glenn Howerton was asked why his character was named Dennis, whereas Charlie Day and Rob McElhenney's characters are named after themselves. Howerton responded by saying that he wanted to distance himself from his character as much as fucking possible.


yes I am a believer. oh you meant god? my bad I thought u were talkin about aliens sir.


Calf Cuteness Attack by Marji Beach 


they follow him everywhere


Mulder working on his pitch.

4x2 “Home”

pictures from görlitz, germany where the grand budapest hotel was filmed


Don’t Blame The Breed